Recommended Gear for Bird Watching

Since recently getting into birding I’ve been overwhelmed with finding the right products to enhance my journey. So to spare you the hassle I’m going to share with you what has helped me enjoy birding the absolute most.  I’ll be forthright, I do earn a small 2% commission if you buy any of the items after clicking on the links below. However, that has nothing to do with the products I selected they 100% have my stamp of approval for enhancing my birdwatching experience and I hope they do the same for you.

Top Products for Beginner Birdwatchers


recommended products binoculars

Binoculars are one of the more important pieces of equipment you’ll need while birdwatching. Most birds are going to be leering of humans so you’re never going to be able to get that close to them. Also, they’re birds so they fly and live in trees.

Usually flying and being high up in trees makes it pretty difficult for the naked eye to get a good look. A good set of binoculars will bring the birds you find up close and personal. My first set I grabbed from Amazon on a lightning deal for $49.99. While they were sufficient to get be started I think it would make sense for anyone whos serious about Ornithology and birdwatching to upgrade to a nicer quality binocular.

[amazon box=”B000051ZOA” description=”Here are the exact Binoculars I’m using at the moment. The general rule of thumb for bird watching are binoculars that are 8x magnification. Depending on the types of birds you’re watching could opt for stronger magnification.” ]

DSLR Camera

Even though it’s called bird watching, we often times want to document the species we encounter. Here is where having a nice camera comes in handy. Having a camera capable of capturing a bird specimen you’ve been tracking is critical for improving your experience in the field. Right now I personally don’t have a camera, I sold the camera I had to get something a little more bird focused. When I get my new camera I will update this section to offer a suggestion from personal experience.

Hummingbird Feeders

recommended products hummingbird feeder

Not everyday can you get out explore and find birds, so sometimes you need to bring them to you. One of the best things I invested in was a humming birdfeeder! Hummingbirds are always on the lookout for nectar, whether that’s from real plants or feeders. Something I’m very keen on learning is if they communicate with each other and share where nectar sources are located. Because it seemed like I was getting no traction on my bird feeder them all of a sudden I started to consistently see hummingbirds of all different color variations frequenting my feeder.

[amazon box=”B07CKV8SL6″]

Blooming Plants/Flowers

If Birdfeeders aren’t your thing, try bringing in some flowers or flowering plants. Believe it or not Hummingbirds will find them and frequent your space if they like your plants.

To attract the most hummingbirds you should consider Bee balms, petunias, columbine, cardinal flower, lupine, and foxgloves to name a few.

 National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America

One of the absolute must haves is the Nat Geo field guide book. Right before I ordered the field guide  I had come across a very interesting aquatic bird while leaving the pool area of my condo. I was completely oblivious to the type of bird it was. All I knew was it was aquatic and could potentially be a heron of some sort. Upon receiving my copy of the Bird field guide, I immediate went to the heron section of the book. One of the best features is that it shows each bird as a juvenile and as an adult. Within a few minutes I was able to identify the bird as a Black Crowned Heron.

[amazon box=”1426218354″ description=”For a beginner or intermediate birdwatcher this is a MUST HAVE!” ]

Bird Houses

recommended products birdhouse


Bird Bath

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