Do Crows Eat Eggs?

There’s a good chance you’re wondering whether or not crows eat eggs. Crows are known as scavengers and opportunity seekers. With a wide range of choices, they would choose the one that was the simplest and most easily accessible for consumption.

If you’re interested to know whether crows eat eggs, you’ll have to read the whole article.

Crows are known for their hunting and scavenging abilities, and they do eat eggs. The crows consume a wide variety of foods, from plants to meats.

They prey on the eggs and young of a wide range of birds, such as Common Loons, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Pinyon Jays, scrub-jay, and mallard nests for this high-protein food. That’s not all, however; they also prey on birds of at least several species, including the European Starling and the House Sparrow, snatching them in mid-flight and devouring them.

Do Crows Steal Eggs from Nests? 

Are crows good to eat

Crows have had a bad reputation for a long time. In addition to raiding crops, crows are known to steal eggs and chicks from other bird’s nests, as well as jewelry from humans. Despite this, these blackbirds are some of the most intelligent on the planet.

Besides that, they have been known to steal other birds’ eggs or newly hatched chicks.

It’s possible that if they see a tasty treat, crows are opportunistic hunters who will take advantage of the situation. In cases where eggs aren’t collected frequently enough, they may even learn to sneak into your coop and steal food or eggs from nests. They may find and consume eggs laid in the yard rather than the coop.

Unlike other birds, crows prefer to eat eggs from chickens and ducks. Eggs are stolen from chicken and duck nests by predators when the birds are not present. If you’re planning to feed crows chicken or duck eggs, place some small eggs in your yard for them.

Do Crows Eat Chicken Eggs? 

Crows are well-known for stealing chicken eggs and can eat chicken eggs too. They are drawn to chicken eggs because they are easy to obtain. Because it’s stationary, they’re able to snatch it easily.

This is a problem because mother hens are usually nearby to defend it. When given a chance, however, they’d take it.

These blackbirds also prey on young chickens because they are the easiest to catch out of all chicken species. However, there is only one problem for crows: their mother hens. Because they can be overly protective of their young hens, mothers are the most dangerous to crows in general.

How to prevent crows from stealing chicken eggs

If you are concerned about crows eating your chicken eggs, you can take the following precautions:

Build a secure fence or a birdhouse

A fence or a birdhouse to protect your chickens can alleviate your concerns, particularly at night. You can stand guard or keep an eye on your chickens during the day, but it’s unsettling at night when you’re sleeping.


Before you enter the house, put your chickens in the birdhouse. This fence or birdhouse will alleviate your concerns about them becoming a meal for crows.

Additionally, keep the birdhouse clean at all times to avoid becoming a crow magnet. Crows are attracted to loose seeds and feeds, and they will stay if they see them.

Utilize guard animals

Consider getting guard dogs if you don’t want to keep your chickens in a cage. Their primary duty is to keep crows away from the flock, and they can help with that.

They repel predator threats if you keep them well-trained. Furthermore, you can train these dogs to avoid playing with your chickens. You can relieve yourself of the responsibility of guarding your chickens with the help of these dogs.

Do Crows Eat Baby Birds? 

Yes, crows eat baby birds. If they can get their hands on one, they will murder and consume it, including eggs, nestlings, and even adults. While this is feasible, it is not a common occurrence.

While this may be the case, crows are numerous birds that prey on other bird species, including both young and adults. The most common crow’s prey is baby birds or nestlings that their mothers have abandoned. Baby birds and nestlings can’t defend themselves if their mother isn’t there. As a result, crows find them easy prey.

According to many forum users, crows congregate around trees and homes where nestlings and eggs can be easily found.

In addition, crows can determine whether or not a particular bird poses a threat to them. They prefer smaller birds, even though sometimes they may take on larger birds that are more difficult to kill.

Nonetheless, eating eggs and birds is not an issue because they are easy prey for these predators. It’s difficult to keep crows away from nests since anything that scares them would also scare the nesting birds.

Final Thoughts

In general, eggs are eaten by crows. They can eat even adult birds if they get their claws on them. Likewise, a crow will devour any species of bird, including pigeons.

Despite this, they would still prefer to eat baby birds or nestlings, small birds; domestic ones; and dead ones; The crows can eat each other, as well as other birds, at the same time.

On the other hand, crow relatives who have passed away meet together to study it rather than consume it.

However, the crows may be kept away from your property by following a few simple steps, such as building a secured fence or having a watchdog or guard animals. 

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